Rachel Lipsky Twitter Q&A
Want to know about what to expect at the Taste of Country Music Festival? Well, stick around because tomorrow we're going to have Rachel Lipsky answering your questions on Twitter!
Next Thursday kicks off the Taste of Country Music Festival with their Campground Party...
The Opry Sees Its First Snapchat and Selfie?
The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville is considered holy ground for country music. Thousands of artists, new and old, have performed on that stage. So of course it will have its share of "firsts."
Social Media is obviously very popular in the country music community...
What Was Jake Owen’s First Band Name?
All of your favorite Country stars had to start somewhere. Whether it be a background singer or a songwriter for bigger acts, they had to pay the bills and get their name out there some how.
Jake Owen had a band in college that helped him get accustom to the Country lifestyle...
Guess Who’s Following Me on Twitter
I've asked her a million questions. Everything from "Where can I buy fresh Tulips?", "How many days until Christmas", to "How many miles is it from my house to...(place destination here)" She's been helpful, funny, and always polite.
Twitter Account, @HiddenCash, Pays it Forward.
It's no secret that Social Media is changing the way we live. It's where we get our news, talk to our friends and connect with people across the globe. It's also used for a, what I think is a heartwarming, social experiment.  I heard this story this morning and just had to share …
The Tweet That Landed Jim Coughlan In Hot Water
Dutchess County Comptroller, and NYS Senate candidate, Jim Coughlan is feeling the backlash after a tweet directed at MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry.
You can view the tweet HERE
Keep your stinking paws off my kid, you damned dirty ape...

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