Scrabble: A Hudson Valley Classic
April 13th is National Scrabble Day, celebrating the best word game of all time. Did you know that the game was invented right here in the Hudson Valley?
Happy National Scrabble Day
For all you board game fanatics and family game night players, Happy National Scrabble day! The wildly popular word game was invented in 1933 as a distraction to American's going through the Great Depression. The dictionary is constantly changing and Scrabble has followed suit for years, u…
Checkout the New Words You Can Use Playing Scrabble [Video]
While we were all busy at the fair last week some new words were added to the Oxford Dictionary, making Scrabble oh so much more "awesomesauce". Yes, awesomesauce is now officially in the oxford dictionary. I wonder how long it will take spell check in my computer to be updated wit…