Newburgh New York

‘American Chopper’ Is Back
Discovery Channel is bringing back the popular reality series American Choppers which films in Newburgh. It looks as though it will be reuniting Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. too.
Would You Fly on an ‘Unsafe’ Plane?
A Norwegian Air flight out of Stewart turned away 47 passengers after the plane was deemed unsafe. Some passengers are upset, but would you really want to fly on an 'unsafe' plane?
Here’s Your Tampa, Florida Mixtape So Far
Today during my weather update I actually uttered the word "flurries." Yes. You read that right. October 25th and we're already talking about snow. It's terrible.
Now fast forward a few months. If we're talking about flurries now, what is February going to be like...
POLL: Pick CJ and Jess’ Halloween Costumes
This morning CJ and I spoke to Jeth from the Hudson Valley Horror-Con. The event, along with Boo Ball, goes on October 22nd at  Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh. CJ and I are in clearly in the Halloween spirit, not only did we talk Horror-Con, but we had an in depth discussion yesterday about…
CJ and Jess’ 4th Of July Recap
Happy Tuesday! I hope you're all recovering nicely from your long 4th of July weekend. Since CJ is on vacation we wont be getting into "3 Things" today. But why not quickly recap my weekend and share what CJ's been up to since last week?
Friday night I went to Baja in…