Ulster County to Host Football Championship
Football is everywhere this time of year, but where can you go and root for great high school teams for a fraction of the cost of what you would spend to see the NY Giants or the NY Jets, this weekend?
Are you ready for some football?
Yes, I know it's only April and baseball season has just started, but tonight the 2014 Football Season begins!
Now, before you start scrambling for your channel guide and the remote, here's all you need to know. The NFL, while they announced each team's opponents for the 2014 season back in December,…
Hello, you’re forgiven, time for football?
Football Fever is everywhere, and apparently even men of the cloth are not immune to catching it. Pastor Tim Christensen from the Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte, Montana is a HUGE 49er's fan, so much so that, well...the service was cut a little short...