Who Is Jayden K. Smith?
Did you recently receive a Facebook message warning about a Jayden K. Smith hacking your account? Turns out there isn't anything to worry about.
Facebook Roulette
We're going to make this a trend. It has the potential to be bigger than Track Suit Tuesday. Last night was the championship game for March Madness, The Villanova Wildcats took on the Tar Heels of North Carolina and it was a nail biter. Villanova pulled out the win with seconds to spare and a b…
Carrie Underwood Stands Up for Her Personal Trainer
Carrie Underwood always seems cool, calm and collected. Even when she is touring like crazy, which she is currently on her sold out "Storyteller" tour. When she's not touring she's toting on her adorable son Isaiah, promoting her work out clothing line and calling ou…
A Puppy a Day
Call it puppy love or maybe puppy cure. Anthony Lyons is suffering from cancer but he has puppy pictures to keep him smiling. It was all over the news last night and today that a brave boy fighting leukemia has found happiness and feels better when he gets to enjoy "dog" therapy...

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