CJ and Jess

This is a Little Weird, Right?
Jess came home to find her heat fixed, but her toilet seat up. Does she have the right to think it's a little weird or is she being over-dramatic?
The Final Frolic of 2017
Naturally, it would be absolutely freezing in the Hudson Valley when Jess takes on the final Frolic Friday of 2017.
The Top 10 Frolics of 2017
CJ and I have been frolicking every Friday for almost two years now! Here is a list of our top Frolic's of 2017.
Help Jess Pick Her Pumpkin Stencil
CJ and Jess will be showing off their pumpkin carving skills on Halloween. Jess needs some helping picking out the design for her pumpkin. Which should she do!?

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