Yesterday's Useless Fact of the Day on the CJ in the Morning Show was that if you eat a teaspoon of sugar after eating something spicy, it will completely neutralize the heat.

So if you are getting ready to eat something spicy all you need to help with the burn is a little sugar. Does this work? Have you ever tried it?

Leave the taste testing to us.

Jess has been growing jalapenos for a few months at her house and she brought in the fruit of her labor this morning to see if the sugar thing really works, and yes, we filmed it all for your consumption. (See what I did there? LOL.)

It kinda worked. The peppers weren't really that spicy to begin with but the sugar definitely helped out.

I'm not sure I would try this out with a ghost pepper or anything. but if you ever get caught in a spicy nightmare, this could be helpful.