I have personally never been involved in a holiday cookie swap because it would require me to bake cookies. Let's just say any attempts at baking by me have not resulted in anything people would want to eat. As a kid I always made the traditional sugar cookies but that was under the supervision of my mom who actually could bake. My mother even had the state-of-the-art cookie press of the 1970's so we could make all the Christmas shapes. As we got older it got harder to get together to bake so we started buying cookies instead. This could be one of the reasons why my house doesn't smell like freshly baked cookies during the holidays.

Check out this top ten and see if your favorites made the list. My favorite cookie did not.

My favorite Christmas cookie the Springerle did not make the Food & Wine list of Top 10 Christmas Cookies. The Springerle was a cookie that we never actually attempted to make because according to my mom it was to advanced for our baking skills. Our annual Springerle cookies always arrived in a tin just in time for Christmas thanks to my Great-Grandma Trinkle. No one made Springerle cookies better than Little Grandma Trinkle with her traditional hand-me-down family molds.

After watching this video I now know why we never made these cookies. They aren't to advanced they just take a lot of time. I can't imagine the patience it would have taken to make these with me and my sister.