When I say I had a relaxing weekend, I'm being extremely literal.

This Saturday "Spend a Day with Jess" was in full swing. Myself and a few lucky winners were able to get our relaxation on in Saugerties. We headed out to Salt and Soul Salt Therapy and Yoga to try Salt Therapy.

We met with the owner of Salt and Soul, Darlene, who explained that we would be in the salt cave for around 45 minutes which is the equivalent of being on the beach for an extended amount of time.

Salt and Soul Staff

Salt therapy is said to help with cold and flu prevention, asthma, allergies, ear infections and Cystic Fibrosis along with other breathing conditions.

Darlene's daughter suffered from cystic fibrosis and their plan was to create Salt and Soul so others who are suffering could find relief. Darlene's daughter passed away in September, but Darlene is keeping her memory alive with Salt and Soul.

During our 45 minute session I fell asleep twice and later when I got home took one of the best power naps of my life. Lots of snoring was involved.

Salt and Soul offers sessions in reflexology, sound healing, reiki with Beth and yoga.

Thank you to the wonderful and welcoming staff at Salt and Soul Salt Therapy and Yoga and thank you to all our listeners that showed up.

Spend a Day Winners

If you're interested in visiting Salt and Soul make sure you schedule ahead of time. Children are welcome too for special sessions on Thursday's at 5pm.