This is what one may call a nightmare. Imagine buying a lotto ticket at your favorite convenience store and hitting the jackpot for $63 million!

That would be the best feeling in the world, until you realize that you cant find the winning ticket.

According to the LA Times, a winning Super Lotto ticket was sold at a convenience store back in August and as of now, nobody has come forward to claim the $63 million prize.

The lucky or unlucky person has until 5 pm today to show up at the lottery offices to claim the mega prize. If nobody shows up, the winnings will go toward funding schools.

The drawing took place on August 8th and the winning numbers are 1-16-30-33-46, with a Mega number of 24. If you have any relatives out on the west coast, you may want to reach out to them and tell about this. Like they say, you never know.

Once the lottery made it official that they were looking for the winner and that time was running out for someone to claim the prize, a man, Brandy Milliner filed a lawsuit claiming that he already submitted the winning ticket to lottery officials, but that they are refusing to pay him. He went on to say that lottery officials may have destroyed the ticket after he gave it to them. He is asking a judge to declare him the winner of the jackpot.

The lottery is denying his claims.