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Yes to the Umbrella No to the Straw
A straw seems harmless but it's not. If you look at the actual amount we use and what it is doing to our oceans you will want to say no to the straw.
Time to Plant the Onions
It is not to early to start your spring garden. Inside that is and you can start with the delicious onion.
Say What You Mean with Flowers
Flower bouquets can represent entire non verbal conversations. The challenge is what do they say so you send the right message to your Valentine this year.
Goodie Gumdrops
We have enjoyed them since 1801 and this Thursday, Feb 15th we celebrate National Gumdrop Day.
Super Super Bowl Ads
The Super Bowl Ads that got my Top Pick. Checkout mine and see if any of your favorites made made my list.
Would You Upload This App
What if there was an App that would let you download a favorite version of the National Anthem to play every morning to start your day. Would you upload it?
Celebrating the Color Red
What does the color red stand for and what are some local red gift ideas for your Valentine?
You Don't Need a Groundhog
We have everything we need in the Hudson Valley to predict if Spring is right around the corner, no Groundhog required.
Good Stuff at Goodwill
Hold on that might not be junk. Just because Antiques Roadshow hasn't featured it doesn't it's not worth a few bucks.
National Hug Day Encourages PDA
Feel free to handout hugs all week. It's a great way to celebrate National Hug Day and it will make you fell better.
Welcome to the Days of Aquarius
2018 is moving along we are already on our second zodiac sign for the year. As Capricorn closes out we welcome Aquarius to the chart.