Fun for the Whole Week
Plan your week at the Dutchess County Fair by taking a look back at years past.
What Happens More Solar or Lunar Eclipses
Think about the last time you heard there would be a Solar Eclipse. It's rare, right? Or is it? What type of eclipse are you most likely to witness in it's totality Solar or Lunar? The answer will surprise you.
No Wonder We Are Exhausted by New Years
I hope you have been resting up since the 4th of July. I did the math and we are going to have to hit the ground running in order to celebrate the 4 biggest holidays of the year in the last 61 days on the calendar.
Is Thomas Rhett’s Baby Here Yet?
Jess and I set out to find Rhett Family baby news and ended up swimming in the deep end of social media. Jess was prepared but I was caught without my swimmies.
The Three C’s of August
Diamonds might have 5 C's but they can't top the 3 C's of August. As summer concludes there are still so many great fresh elements left to the last month of summer in New York.