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Where Are the Worst Potholes in the Hudson Valley?
The left lane on the Taconic was blocked early this morning due to an abundance of vehicles with flat tires due to a large pothole. We have to ask: Where are the worst potholes in the Hudson Valley?
Eyewitness News Spotlights Hudson Valley Cold Case
On the night of Aug. 22, 1970, Alice Susan Vrablic went missing after her shift at the Poughkeepsie Howard Johnson's. Her body was found 10 days later, but the case has been cold ever since.
Cheap Food for Valentine's Day
If you are looking to save some money this Valentine's Day there are a few places that are offering some pretty cool deals for the day of love.
What Was Your First CD?
It really is crazy how our music tastes change over the years, I've gone from rock to hip hop to country and back again.