It could be coming to a school bus near you sooner than later.

According to News 10, the New York Association of Pupil Transportation is pushing for the passage of a state senate bill in 2016 that would bring cameras to school bus stop arms.

A survey that was done in Bethlehem, New York on October 21st and if found that drivers passing stopped school buses still happens way to much. The Schools Director Of Transportation Cindy Jurewicz, told News 10, that on the day of the survey 10 people passed stopped school buses. 10 may not seem like a lot, but that's just one day out of a full school year.

Peter Mannella from the New York Assoc. of Pupil Transportation also said “All those lights on the back, a big stop arm coming out the back saying stop. I don’t get it.” He also stated that a survey they conducted shows it happens approximately 19,000 times a day.

Those numbers are why Mannella is calling for this bill to be pushed thru, he said

“Allow us to put little tiny cameras and they will capture the license plate of any car that passed the bus when that stop arm is out”.

We will see if this bill gets passed next year.

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