Daymond John is known for investing money in projects that he believes in. One of those projects happens to be a local school district.

The "Shark Tank" star was in New Windsor on Thursday night to attend the Pattern For Progress 50th anniversary celebration at Anthony's Pier 9 in New Windsor. At the gala John announced that he would be donating $10k to the City of Poughkeepsie School District.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the donation will go towards Poughkeepsie High School's Career Action Center. With the money the school district will be able to set up paid internships that will give students the opportunity to learn business skills. Who knows, John's investment may help a local student become a "shark" of their own one day.

Daymond John grew up in Queens and participated in a similar internship program at Bayside High School. He credits his entrepreneurial talents to the program. Of course, John started a small clothing company out of his garage that eventually turned into FUBU which is now worth an estimated $250 Million.

Does this make Daymond our favorite "Shark?" You bet it does.  Of course, we wouldn't mind hearing from the other investors before making a decision. Mr. Wonderful, are you interested? We have plenty of other worthwhile programs that could sure use the money.