If you've been to a show at SPAC you have probably left with the same complaint as most concertgoers. Well, now the outdoor venue is finally doing something about it.

The Daily Freeman reports that the Saratoga Performing Arts Center is buzzing with activity as crews work to install new sod in the lawn-seating area. Music fans that wind up sitting on the grass have been complaining that the lawn is withered and dying.

Sitting in a patch of dirt is not very comfortable, and can ruin a perfectly good pair of pants. But that's just what some visitors to SPAC say they've had to endure for not upgrading their tickets to reserved seats. The arts center has been working to regrow the grass each season with little success, so now they are replacing all of it with new, healthy sod.

The Freeman says that the new lawn will be ready for the 2016 concert season and just in time to celebrate SPAC's 50th anniversary.