Congrats to Blake Shelton on his 15th consecutive No. 1 according to Billboard Magazine. He has been breaking his own consecutive number one record since his 11th number one broke the record in April of 2014, Doin' What She Likes. The Boot has been keep track since 2009 when the streak started with Blake's number one hit Hillbilly Bone.

Check out the video for Blake Shelton's newest number 1 - Sangria

I remember my first Sangria. It was 1980 something and my friends and I were going to a concert at Madison Square Garden. We went to a place called Charlie O's. They were famous for their sangria so we tried it. My memory of the night has faded but I do know that was the first of many nights enjoying sangria. Charlie O's served it by the pitcher. Girls got pitchers of sangria and guys got pitchers of beer, it was the 80's.

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