It's been the month of hot music videos. Literally. Just last week, Cam released the video for her first single "Burning House." Obviously, there was a house burning. Lots of fire. Flames. It was hot.

A video that I didn't expect fire to make an appearance in? Sam Hunt's "Break Up In a Small Town." I'm a Sam Hunt fan, we all know this. So this may be a litttttttle biased, but the emotion in this video is on another level. And Mr. Hunt looks fantastic with that beard. I had to throw it out there.

Sam has been busy, touring and recording back up vocals for Carrie Underwood's latest single "Heartbeat."

Anyway, take a look at Sam's latest "Break Up in a Small Town." And maybe cross your fingers and toes in hopes that Sam Hunt makes an appearance at The Taste of Country Music Festival? One could only hope. By one I mean me.