It's a hot topic debate in my house this holiday season. Should we get a real tree or a fake one? I'm on Team Real Tree. Growing up we've always had a real tree, so I can't just let that tradition go. The smell, the look and even the mess I welcome with open arms. It feels more like Christmas with a real tree, right?

However, I can't knock the idea of a fake tree. It's easy to put up, you don't have to physically cut it down and clean up is fairly simple. Fake trees come in literally all shapes, sizes, colors and material. I found this one that is made out of  1,000 Heineken bottles:

Very creative and cool to look at, but I'm sure it doesn't smell as good a real tree. Speaking of real trees, tonight they're lighting up the tree at Rockefeller Center. Now that's a tree!

Getty Images/Stephen Lovekin

This morning we had a lot of real tree supporters call in. I still need a few more opinions before I get my tree from my future husband, Adam, at West Wind Tree Farm . What do you think? Keep tradition going with a real tree or change things up a get a fake one?