When the Hudson Valley gets frozen over, the Townsquare Media - Hudson Valley radio station cluster brings the heat with an annual chili cook-off coordinated by WRRV's Brandi.

WPDH's Boris opted out of the cook-off after winning five straight years, so it was anyone's game. (Or so we thought.)

The nine chili dishes ranged from chunky to soupy, from vegetarian to a carnivorous overload, from beans to-- actually, I think they all had beans. The competitors were judged anonymously by their coworkers' discerning palates. When the votes were tallied, the clear winner was a white bean turkey chili by The Wolf's Jess.

Boris received a grand chili champion trophy before revealing that he had in fact competed -- and lost -- with a dish that had been credited to WPDH morning show producer Meat Sandwich.

Will country hold the crown next year or will classic rock make a comeback? We'll be waiting to see what happens come January 2016.