Sometimes you just want to have a chance to have a fancy dinner. You know, you feel like going out and doing something special, but you also want the comfort of a nice night at home. And if you're going to be doing something like that, I mean, why not have people over and make it worth your while?

And when I say "sometimes you," I really mean "you," because I am so unabashedly and relentlessly cheap that I have never been struck with this thought process. But maybe I should, because according to consumer website Thumbtack, Poughkeepsie is one of the best cities in America for throwing an affordable dinner party:

To find out which cities throw the best dinner parties, our data scientists looked at all personal chef requests across the country and assigned 70 cities with a healthy supply of personal chefs a “Dinner Party Index” score, based on their level of supply to demand (since higher supply leads to more options for consumers), average personal chef prices, and ratings of the personal chefs in the area.

The city that really knows how to throw a great dinner party? Poughkeepsie, New York! It has lots of highly rated personal chefs in the area at competitive prices – the average cost was $597.00 per party.

Who knew? The entire article and more information about it can be found on Thumbtack's blog here.

For now, I'm going to go wait for all my invitations to dinner parties.