I know the last thing you want to think about on a snowy day like today is having a nice big dish of ice cream, but when I heard this news I had to share.

Local ice cream institution Debra T's is being put up for sale. They have been selling ice cream and more at their location at 141 Overlook Road in the town of Poughkeepsie for just about 20 years.

In a post to their Facebook page yesterday (Sunday) morning, the owners passed along this message to customers.

With a heavy heart we regret to inform all of you that after 20 years of business, we will be putting Debra Ts up for sale. This is the result of much deliberation and discussion between our family and we have decided to move on in a different direction and unfortunately we can't fit Debra Ts into that future plan. We want to take this time to thank all the amazing customers we have gotten the chance to serve over the years. We've watched many of you grow from children to adults with children of your own and we've made so many friends and memories that we will always cherish. We've had so many loyal customers and it has truly enriched our lives to be able to get to know you and your families and to have so many of you care so deeply about us and our family. We are blessed to have had this magical place and to have brought a smile to countless faces over the years. Thank you all for everything and we wish everyone a healthy and happy future. We love and appreciate you all. -Ken, Deb, Kaylee, Dylan and Bev


If anyone is interested in buying the business please contact Ken Travis at 845-417-6426. We want to give someone else the opportunity to shine and grow through a fantastic business like we did.


Deuce and I have started a collection: we want to buy it. But I think we've got a ways to go. Perhaps we'll start a Go Fund Me campaign and it'll all work out. Perhaps not. Whatever the case may be, we hope new owners come in and carry on what Ken, Deb and the gang have been doing oh so well for the last two decades.