With another heatwave hitting the Hudson Valley you may be tempted to cool yourself off at a local swimming hole. Not so fast, say Saugerties police.

Authorities say they responded to a call for trespassers on Labor Day at West Saugerties Road. According to the property owner, people were swimming without permission. Saugerties Police say they found the three criminals cooling themselves off in a swimming hole. The rebellious rule breakers were bathing near a sign explaining that the area was private property.

Saugerties police promptly arrested the refreshed ruffians and charged them with trespassing. This crew of bandit bathers, however, aren't alone. Police say that over 30 people have been arrested for swimming without permission over the past two months. Authorities warn that arrests will continue if people continue to swim on any of the private properties off Platt Cove road.

Temperatures are expected to remain in the 90s this weekend and continue in the 80s throughout much of the next week. So if you get the urge to take a dip, just make sure it's nowhere near Saugerties or else you may find yourself thrown in the cooler.