Fall is arriving and I am willing to admit it is my favorite season. Some say it is my love of Halloween, others say it is because I like to wear fall colors. It could be both reasons. Either reason I want to go on the record saying that I enjoy a cold winter day with a perfect snow fall as long as I don't have to leave the house. I love a warm spring day when the flowers are just starting to bloom. I have even been know to celebrate a hot summer day with no complaints, but it is the fall weather I could enjoy everyday.

Fall has the promise of those sunny days and cool evenings. Temperature hang in the 70's. The air becomes crisp and the leaves add to the back drop of colorful skies that we get in the Hudson Valley. So am I among the many or the few?

I found a Gallup poll from 2005 that was pretty thorough and It looks like from what I can decipher I am among the "Second Favorite" few. Fall came in a close second even when you factored in people ages. Spring won the number one slot until you broke it up into age groups and suddenly summer was popular among the younger crowd. With all that said I guess this is where I inform you that Fall Equinox arrives this Thursday and It is all us fall lovers turn at enjoying the weather.

What's an equinox?