Valley Central School Student Tyler Muise had the play of the night on Friday October 17th as the Vikings hosted division rival Washingtonville Wizards.  The play took place actually before the actual game.  You see Tyler has Down Syndrome and in his freshman year his mother passed away from cancer.

Tyler has loved football and would hang out with the Vikings squad, be on their sideline, travel with them, and this was Muise's healing process over the years.  Tyler had big plans for his senior year according to Time Warner Cable News, and told head coach Ron Introini what that was.

With the blessing of Washingtonville's coach Don Clark, Coach Introini suited up Tyler with the number 43, full pads and helmet, and he ran for a 15 yard touchdown score for Valley Central.  Afterwards the entire team gave Tyler a football signed by everybody making it a magical night for Tyler Muise.  Video of the night is below, with credit to John Kidd Productions.