It’s not been the easiest of years for many here in the Hudson Valley. The Wolf wants to help you grant a wish for a Hudson Valley person or family who could use a little extra help this holiday season.

If you know someone who’s having a tough time, who could really use some good news, nominate them for a Wolf Christmas Wish using the form below. It’s all thanks to Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Arctic Adventures, Kevin McCurdy’s Holiday Spirit Festival, Jonna Spilbor Law, and Royal Carting.

We will be reading all of the stories and selecting several to receive a $250 Visa Gift Card. If selected, please know that we will be calling you and not the person you are nominating. CJ and Jess from the CJ in the Morning Show will be personally delivering the Christmas Wish to the person you nominated.

We will not be announcing the full name or the person getting the wish on the air. However, by you submitting this form, you are granting us permission to, if selected, call you and air the call live and/or recorded on the air.

Wolf Chrismas Wish 2017

  • Your Name*
  • (MM-DD-YY)
  • Name of Person you are nominating*Please know that we will only be using first names if we decide to read your story on air.
  • Address of the person you are nominating**THIS PERSON MUST LIVE WITHIN THE HUDSON VALLEY** We will personally deliver this Christmas wish. If you don't know their address or if they dont have one, please provide as much info as possible
  • If you don't know their number or if they don' t have one, please provide what you can
  • Please tell us about the person/family you are nominating. Please be detailed and make sure you tell us why we should pick this person to receive this wish.

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