It was a busy holiday weekend for the New York State Police.

According to a press release from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office, the Memorial Day weekend police crackdown resulted in 946 tickets to drivers that were traveling through Troop K, which is based in Salt Point and includes Dutchess, Columbia, Putnam and Westchester counties.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo made the announcement and broke down what tickets were issued for.

In total 946 tickets were issued by Troop K, 325 were for speeding, 119 for failing to wear a seat belt, 15 for failure to move over, and 22 were for distracted driving. Also included in that total were 27 arrests in which drivers were charged with driving while intoxicated.

A grand total of 11,946 tickets were issued throughout New York State over the holiday weekend.

Great job done by local police and drivers should be aware that these crackdowns will continue throughout the summer, with the next state wide crackdown likely to happen around the July 4th weekend.