The world has lost another beautiful voice.

Natalie Cole passed away at Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles last night due to complications of on-going health issues. Some news agencies are reporting she suffered from congestive heart failure.

Natlie's father was the legendary Nat King Cole, known for his voice and soulful sound., her mother was Duke Ellington Orchestra singer Maria Ellington. She recorded a duet with her father when she was 6 and she rose to prominence in the mid 70's with her own beautiful voice and soulful sound.  Natalie Cole went on to receive twenty-one Grammy nominations, winning 9 times.

She had a well-publicized battle with drugs and was diagnosed with Hepatits-C, something she attributed to her struggles with drugs. According to USA Today, she underwent a successful kidney transplant in 2009 as well as receiving chemotherapy treatments to battle the disease.

She was working on another tour, but as a result of health issues, she had to cancel portions of the tour. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.