Hudson Valley author Donna Parish-Bischoff has been counting down the top 5 haunted locations in the Hudson Valley and at number one is the home that started Donna's interest in the supernatural. As a child Donna was born and raised in Yonkers, New York. Her family moved in a modest two-family house in the early 1970’s. The owners lived upstairs and Donna's family lived below.

Before moving in, the owners' mother met a tragic end, hanging herself in the very same home years before. The family that previously lived downstairs also experienced a terrible tragedy in the home when their son killed himself.

The Lee Avenue Home had many bizarre incidents witnessed by several of Donna's family members. Donna has chronicled most of them in her book, The Lee Avenue Haunting. Here are just a few of the anecdotes that Donna has shared with us:

I stayed home from school one day, my dad had been at work so it was just my mom and I.  She was in the middle of vacuuming the living room. I came into the room to ask her something.  She shut the vacuum off to see what I wanted.  Out of nowhere our small dog started to growl at my dad’s chair – He had an Archie Bunker chair.  My mom and I started to watch our dog as he was curling his lip and growling as if there was a threat.  At that moment we heard a loud male voice. But the oddest thing was this voice was either speaking in another language or backwards.  We started to panic and both started shaking and screamed


Courtesy of Donna Parish-Bischoff

Another afternoon (this was a Saturday) my mom had left my older brother and sister to baby sit me. (They are 8 & 9 years my senior).  My sister, Doreen and I were seated at the kitchen table.  I was playing with my Barbie dolls and my sister was sketching her art work.  My brother, Larry had been in his bedroom taking a nap.  Out of nowhere he got up and ran into the kitchen when he accused my sister and I of lining and piling the dining room chairs up outside his bedroom door.  We never heard the sound of any movement.  He thought we played a prank on him.  We didn’t.

We found out shortly after we moved in that the prior residents had a teenage son that was found dead of an Overdose.  My sister and I shared the bedroom that had belonged to that young man.  One night as my family was fast asleep, I had still been awake when I heard a creak in the floorboards of our room, as if someone entered.  Within seconds I heard a male voice go to my side of the room and softly say hello to me. I jumped up and started screaming, waking my sister in the process. She started screaming out of a chain reaction. At that moment, our venation blinds flew off the bedroom window as if something were trying to break into the bedroom window.


Donna in her childhood home / Courtesy of Donna Parish-Bischoff

We have also heard out of nowhere what sounded to us a little girl singing “Ring-Around-the-Rosy coming from our closet.  I never wanted to go near that closet again.  My sister and I both heard this.

As we were sitting around the kitchen table getting ready for school, eating our breakfast. My mother was seated drinkingher coffee when out of nowhere, a thick gel –like liquid dropped on her head.  There were no leaks on the ceiling. It had no odor.  Some “BELIEVE” that when you see or experience this type of liquid, it is the spirit trying to manifest itself.  Do we know for sure? No. But we had NO explanation about what had just happened.

A new family has since moved in and now resides in the Lee Avenue House.

Donna Parish-Bischof is the author of The Lee Avenue Haunting and Growing Up Paranormal.  Co-founder of Indy Para, Paranormal Investigators located in Hyde Park, New York and online at  Donna is also the Co-host of this year’s Wappingers Falls First Annual Halloween Parade and festival that took place on October 18th.  Visit for more information on next year’s Halloween festival. She is also a contributing writer for HHVHM. Donna’s books can be purchased online at