Nothing can be more important than the safety of your child.

We hear stories like this all time and I still can't wrap my head around how someone thinks this is ok.

It happened in Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is located outside of Atlanta and according to WTEN, a mother has been charged with reckless conduct.

19 year old Destyni Triplett was charged after a security officer found the woman's 18 month old child alone and crying in a car, while she was inside a nursing school taking an exam.

Sandy Springs police told WSB-TV that the 18 month old boy had been alone in the car for 15 minutes in the nursing school parking lot.

Triplett also told WSB-TV, that she had a test that she couldn't miss decided to leave the child in the car seat because the baby sitter canceled on her and that the child's dad was supposed to meet her at the school to watch their son but he never showed up.

Why wouldn't this mother just bring the child in the school with her? I stand by the statement that I think people should really have to pass a test to have kids.

Thank god the boy wasn't hurt.