This will probably make you pretty mad! I'll give you a second to try and figure out what state this gem comes from....?

Okay times up. Florida AGAIN! Her name is Cateria Thomas and according to Crime Feed, on Tuesday, police pulled over the mother of four when they saw her license plates were expired and that were young children without seat belts bouncing around in the backseat.

Wait that's only the beginning of this unreal story. Police then told Crime Feed, that Thomas was drunk and breastfeeding a 2-month-old child while DRIVING! Her other three children, ages 1,3 and 4 years old were in the backseat.

She did fail the breathalyzer test. And she had quite the explanation as to why?

She told cops that she “hadn't been drinking but that she had just eaten four hamburgers with whiskey on them.” Police obviously didn't believe the excuse and charged with a DUI, child endangerment and driving without a license.