This rare film gives a fascinating glimpse of what it was like to live in the City of Poughkeepsie before the first World War. Some buildings and landmarks shown in the footage are still here to this day.

The film was discovered in 1975 and restored by the National Archives in Washington D.C. A member of the Dutchess County Historical Society narrated the footage back in the 1970s, identifying buildings and even some of the people who are photographed.

The old film shows people leaving the Dutchess Theater, also known as the "Dirty Dutchess."  The playhouse would host major productions that would eventually play on Broadway. Later, the theater was renamed "Frivilous Sal's" and today it's known as "The Chance".

YouTube / Michael Drivas

Another scene shows Market Street right after the turn of the century with people bustling about and shopping at various businesses. You can also see trolly tracks running up and down Main Street.

Crowley, now a huge dairy company, started in Poughkeepsie in the early 1900s. In the film you can see the original Crowley Milk Company building that was located in Arlington. Also shown is The Bardavon Opera House, which was originally named The Collingwood Opera House after its owner, James Collingwood.

Other highlights include a livery stable where you could rent a horse and buggy for the day, the Rochester Brewery located right on Main Street and the first Smith Brothers' Cough Drop factory along with their family restaurant.

YouTube/Michael Drivas

The film documents the very first class entering W.W. Smith School on Church Street. You can also see the Elsworth school. Both school buildings are almost exactly the same as they were when constructed before World War I.

Watch this amazing video for yourself and let us know if you recognize any other important Poughkeepsie landmarks that are still around today: