Commuters and day-trippers will be paying even more for a ride into New York starting today on all Metro North trains.

The next time you ride into Manhattan, expect it to cost around 4% more. The MTA has officially put the new fares into effect starting today. In addition to an increase on trains, you'll also be paying more to get around the city.

Subway fares will go from $2.50 to $2.75 and a single ride ticket will now climb to $3. Those who purchase weekly MetroCards will see increases between $1 and $31. And if you're on a monthly pass, the cost will jump from $112 to $116.50.

If you think you can avoid the hike by driving into the city, think again. E-ZPass tolls have also increased by 4%, and those who pay cash will be penalized even more with prices climbing an additional 6.7% to 10%.

The NY Daily News spoke with many angry commuters about the increase. We want to know what you think. Are the increases going to stop you from traveling to the city as often? For those of you who have to commute for work, do you think these hikes are justified?