If you're looking to play some pinball we've found a map that shows every machine in the Hudson Valley.

Pinball Wizards will love this exhaustive database that will assist them in finding classic and new games scattered in arcades, businesses and bars throughout our area.

Looking for an original Kiss machine from 1978? There's one in Middletown.

How about the South Park pinball machine? You'll find it in Saugerties.

And the legendary Playboy game? The map points to one in Red Hook.

In fact, wherever you are in the Hudson Valley a pinball machine isn't too far away. Those flippers and bumpers enjoyed major success through the 50s, 60s and 70s, But with the introduction of video games in the 1980s, pinball machines quickly fell out of favor. Purists, however, never lost interest in those games and enthusiasts have been known to travel across the country just to find a working version of their favorite game.

The Pinballmap website is updated by fans, so if you find a machine not listed feel free to add it in. Other pinball wizards will appreciate the head's up so they can drop in and spend a few quarters reliving their past.