Everyday on the calendar seems to the "National Day" of something, don't believe me? Checkout these calendar, The Calendar of National Days or this calendar of Funny Weird Days of the Year. It is actually entertaining to look through these two lists. There are days for things I never even thought you could celebrate. For example this month alone we have already missed "National Men Cook Day" (no grilling allowed) and National Scrapple Day. And who can overlook January 14th, National Dress Up Your Dog Day.

Today November 17th is actually one of my new favorite days, National Homemade Bread Day, not to be confused with National Sourdough Bread Day. Homemade bread is the best even if it is made with a bread maker. Bread is first thing I ever learned to make in Home Economics. My family ate more bread that year than they wish to discuss.

So all this talk about bread has me thinking about my favorite bread. It is actually a toss up between two, Pumpernickel and Rosemary. Both delicious and both make great bread bowls for soup. I love soup in a bread bowl. My bread making days are behind me so I think today I will celebrate National Homemade Bread with a loaf from the ovens of Bread Alone, however if you are thinking of heading to the kitchen here is a great recipe to try.

In honor of National Homemade Bread Day we want you to win "bread" too.

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