One of the heaviest traveled roads for commuters here in the valley is getting long overdue millions to improve the ride.


There aren't many roads around here that take the beating that I-684 does. Tens of thousands use the highway everyday to travel North and South from the Hudson Valley. Along with the Taconic State Parkway, I-684 handles most of the commuters going to Westchester and New York City by car.

A small stretch of 684 near Bedford is getting $6.5 million from NYS and the Federal government to repave the busy highway between Route 35 and Harris Road in the Town of Bedford. Congressman Maloney says this project is badly needed.

“This stretch of 684 is a mess – it’s dangerous and it costs drivers a fortune every year because of the damage it causes to their tires and suspensions,” said Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney

It seems like there is always a section of 684 that could use a serious makeover. The amount of car and truck traffic, plus the high speeds that people travel on this road have really beaten the hell out of it. Look for more money to be funneled to this highway in the coming years. It is a major artery linking Westchester with the Mid Hudson Valley.


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