This is why I always say asking for a hand in marriage should never be done at a sporting event.

Could you imagine planning out an elaborate wedding proposal at Yankee stadium. You buy the ring, you get the tickets, you get the people at the stadium to put up your special message on the jumbo screen at the stadium.

Then you get down on one knee in front of the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with to ask her for her hand in marriage. You ask and open the ring box to show her the ring and it falls out and you cant find it. Yes the ring is gone!

That's what happened last night down in the Bronx.

His name is Andrew and he is the talk of baseball this morning. According to MLB, Andrew Fox of New Castle, Pennsylvania popped the question and couldn't find the ring and had his entire section at Yankee stadium looking for the lost ring and it was all caught on video.

YES, the ring has been found. Talk about a tense few minutes. After the ring was found Andrew told MLB that, the ring popped right out as soon as the box was opened, while he was on one knee.

And in case you were wondering, his girlfriend still said yes!