A local Vietnam Veteran finally got his High School diploma 55 years after graduation with the help of a New York State Assemblyman.

Bruce Green signed up for the military back in the 60's during the Vietnam War. He was just a teenager and was a half credit away from graduating when he left to serve our country. When he got out of the service he got his GED, but Bruce really wanted a diploma from the school he went to.


Mid Hudson News reports that Green talked to NYS Assemblyman James Skoufis about the diploma dilemma and Skoufis took up the cause. Green is now 73 years old and was presented with a diploma from the High School he went to in Queens. Skoufis was there to present it to Bruce with his family attending the ceremony in Chester.

“He earned it; he deserves it and quite frankly he puts service to our country ahead of his high school graduation making it even more worthwhile.”

Congratulations Bruce Green and thank you for your service to our country. Assemblyman Skoufis looks like he takes graduation issues very seriously. Earlier this year he proposed legislation to make sure that students with a disability can go to graduation with their classmates, even if they haven't achieved all of the credits yet.

oftentimes, students with disabilities who took a longer or nontraditional educational path are excluded from their classmate’s commencement ceremony. These students have put in a lot of hard work and they deserve to participate in their graduation ceremony with friends and families cheering them on.”

Doing the right thing for our students. Thanks Assemblyman Skoufis!