A Hudson Valley man living "paycheck to paycheck" can teach us all a lesson in honesty.

According to a report by The Daily Freeman, Michael Marino of Kingston may be the most honest person in the Hudson Valley. Marino moved to Kingston from Brooklyn this year and says he lives "paycheck to paycheck" and relies on the food pantry to keep from going hungry. So when Marino found a wallet containing over $2,000, one could understand how he could be tempted to keep it.

Michael Marino, however, says that returning the wallet was an "easy decision." After opening the wallet and finding the owner's license, Marino tracked down the rightful owner to return the funds.

Marino was given a reward of $120, but he says that money has already been spent on much needed food at the local Hannaford Supermarket.

We want to know: If you were in Marino's shoes would you have returned the money or would you have kept it?