Imagine working on a five story high silo and you hurt yourself so bad that you can't get down and have to call the local fire department for help.

Well that's what happened out in Slate Hill just after 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

According to the Times Herald Record, the Slate Hill Fire Department was called in to help rescue a farm worker who suffered a hand injury while working on top of a five story high silo at the Sunset Hill farm, a dairy farm on Ridgebury Road.

Slate Hill Fire Department Captain Michael Dally told the Record that the worker who was stuck on the silo, suffered a major cut to his thumb while working on top of a silo that's about 50 feet high. The worker was bleeding really bad and couldn’t climb down the narrow ladder that runs up the side of the silo.

Dally said that about 20 firefighters were called to the scene and that they climbed to the top of the silo and bandaged the farm worker's hand, then put him in a bucket on the ladder and took him down to the ground. Once they got him down he was taken by ambulance to Orange Regional Medical Center.