There are still a ton of details to work out as the town undergoes a review of the proposal by Merlin Entertainment to build a Legoland theme park in Goshen, but the two sides are getting closer to an agreement.

Merlin Entertainment, the Legoland developer, agreed to a deal with the Village of Goshen in regards to water and sewer service from the town. There's a bunch of moving parts, namely new wells being built to make sure there is enough water available, and making sure sewer capacities are held at an appropriate level, but it would seem the $500 million dollar project is well on it's way to being approved. Land and water rights are a huge topic in Orange County right now, and making sure everything is done correctly should be a priority for both parties.

Of course, there are still active groups opposed to the development. There are petitions and Facebook groups dedicated to stopping the theme park from building in the area. There's a lot to be said about adding tourist dollars and jobs to an area, but there should be as much discussion about traffic volume, pollution and the overall quality of life impact a project of this magnitude will have on local residents.