Way to go, Justin Moore.

We were treated to a great show from Justin Moore a few years back at the Ulster and Dutchess County fairs. Thank goodness we didn't get any of these type of fireworks there.

I guess it all happened last week at one of Justin's shows in Chicago.

Justin, like he does at every show, was on stage singing away when he saw a man throw an object at woman who was in the crowd. After seeing this go down Justin stopped the show and put the guy in his place.

He stopped singing, crouched down at the edge of the stage, and said, "If you ever throw anything at a woman at another one of my shows, I'm gonna beat the f--- out of you." The Chicago crowd loved it and started cheering. Here is the video from the concert, just be aware he does use EXPLICITLANGUAGE.

Talk about being put in your place. Guy totally deserved it.

Not that you need me to tell you but always remember there is NEVER a reason hit or throw something at a woman. If you do, you're a coward and deserve to get your a$% kicked.