Happy Monday! We weathered the storm quite literally this weekend. Thanks for that, Winter Storm Orson.

Before the snow hit I decided to do some exploring around the Hudson Valley. Specifically the Beacon area. If you weren't aware in January I took a trip to Austin, Texas. When I came home I said I probably wouldn't have a taco again because the tacos in Texas were out of this world (if you ever go to Austin, check out Tourchy's Tacos.)  Anyhow, I happened to mention that to CJ and he said "you have to check out Tito Santa's." So I got some friends together and drove down to Main Street in Beacon. Tito Santa's is right across the street from Bank Square Coffee. We got there for lunch time and I wasn't disappointed. The staff were incredibly friendly and the food was delicious. I bought an empanada  (with chipotle Chicken) and a Catfish taco. I'm not usually a fish food type person, however one of the cooks suggested it and what a great recommendation that was.

Tito Santan's- There were Tacos...

After lunch we decided to walk off our meal and wander down Main Street. I've been there a time or two, but it's usually after a night of drinking at Max's. We stumbled upon the fairly new Glazed Over Donuts. They opened a few weeks ago and so many people showed up that they actually ran out of dough. Luckily, they were stocked up and ready to go on Saturday. You walk in and automatically are greeted by the smell of baked delicousness. The line was long, but moved quickly. What's great about Glazed Over is that you get to make your own donut. I did a chocolate glaze with coconut shreds, but you can make an outrageous combination like vanilla glaze with Fruity Pebbles and raspberry drizzle or chocolate with graham cracker and marshmallow drizzle. Whatever you want, they most likely have it.

Glazed Over Donuts

Needless to say, I had to go to the gym a few hours later to work off all that food. Totally worth it.