I have tried to convince many of you to visit the Great Swamp in Pawling, but I just don't have a voice like James Earl Jones. When you hear him tell you about it, you'll be driving East on Route 55 headed straight toward this incredible wetland.

The Great Swamp in Eastern Dutchess County is one of the most important wetlands we have in the Hudson Valley region. It's about 20 miles long and supports lots of different birds, reptiles and bugs. According to the Patterson website, the swamp filters water for the Croton Resevoir and it helps control flooding.

The Swamp also provides flood control, and is a wildlife habitat for many animals such as migratory birds and painted turtles. One hundred eighty-five species of birds have been identified in the Great Swamp, and 90 species are known to nest in the Swamp.

The Great Swamp also has a boardwalk running through it as part of the Appalachian Trail. The boardwalk is a great way to get out into a part of the swamp and just observe. You can also canoe and kayak parts of it.  I could tell you more, but why not let legendary actor and Pawling resident James Earl Jones give you the highlights. His narration is epic!