So I guess yesterday was the day for screaming protestors on national TV. Between Colin Powell being heckled on CBS This Morning and Ryan Lochte being run at by a man from the audience on Dancing with The Stars I am wondering if live TV hasn't gotten a bit risky lately.

ABC DWTS video of the moments when Ryan and his partner were approached by protester.

Colin Powell interview interrupted on live TV.

I am sure neither Ryan Lochte or Colin Powell expected to have someone run at them shouting and get in their face while they appeared on TV. However it seems both men were able keep their cool in these explosive situations. It must have been very unsettling for both Colin and Ryan. So I have to ask have we lost all matter of manners in this country? Is the only way we know how to express our frustration is to make what amounts to a scene? What do you think?

I realize that Ryan did not set a good example in Rio. And I am in no why saying that he should be excused from his bad choices, but when did it become necessary for us to physically harass a person on national television, it is my opinion that It is simply bad behavior, followed by more bad behavior.

As for Colin Powell's incident it appears to be a real security issue. It caught me by complete surprise while I was watching. Colin Powell is a well respected man who has served his country proudly and the fact that someone would run at him while he is being interviewed about the National Museum of African American History and Culture, on live TV gives me a better understanding of why his wife feared for him if he ran for President.

My last comment on this is could we all do a little less yelling and a lot more listening.