I'm a 90's kid. I'm proud of it. I grew up with some of the best television shows, amazingly awesome fads (Pogs. Tomigotchi. Come on!) and some terrible fashion choices (those platform Spice Girl shoes literally ruined my ankles).

One of my all time favorite shows wasSaved By The Bell.Obviously, I had a huge school girl crush on Zack Morris and wanted to be just like Jessie Spano when I got older, minus the caffeine pills of course. I had the lunch box and I have to fact check with my parents, but I believe I owned the bed set too.

Mark Paul Gosselaar- Still a heartthrob.
Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

I heard Lifetime was planning on doing an "Unofficial" behind the scenes story. And they kept true to their word. They released the trailer a few days ago and I'm still trying to process it. Not because it's world class cinematography, but because it looks so,so bad.

It looks so bad, that it's going to be fantastic. The wigs, the outfits. It's overwhelmingly bad and I'm so excited. Watch the trailer below to see what I'm fussing about :