The Internet is buzzing from former IBM employees who say the tech corporation is quietly laying off employees in the Hudson Valley.

The Facebook group "Watching IBM" has slowly been filling with stories from workers around the country reporting that the company has been quietly terminating employees while claiming that they have thousands of available positions.

The Wall Street Journal estimates that the secret layoffs could have already affected as many as 14,000 jobs. IBM has said that they are restructuring their workforce after four years of declining revenue. The company claims that they may actually wind up filling just as many new positions by the end of this year.

Facebook users are reporting that in our area there have already been layoffs in Analytics Sales and Analytics Technical Sales positions. A posting that asks workers to anonymously report layoffs has 66 responses from former workers claiming that they were recently let go.

Do you work at IBM or know someone who does? Let us know if you've heard of any layoffs. You can privately message us on our Facebook page and we'll be happy to keep you anonymous.