Never been to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties. You are missing out on a unique culinary adventure. The annual Hudson Valley Garlic Festival will be taking place this year, September 27, 10am -6pm and the 28th, from 10am to 5pm. Tickets are $10 at the gate, but keep reading. I have a couple of tips to save you a few dollars and make you day even better than you were expecting.

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

1. Buy your tickets in advance. Here are the locations; The prices have gone up a bit, slowly, over the last couple of years, but it will be easier on your wallet if you go to these places and buy the tickets ahead of time. Advance tickets will cost $7 each, $5 for 65 and over, kids under 12 are free.

2. Plan to get there by 10:30. This will get you in there, before the big crowds, you won't get stuck in traffic (which only angers you and takes away from your time to look around) and you will arrive in a happier mood.

3. Eat a light breakfast, leave space for all of your sampling. There will be garlic this and garlic that. Most samples will be complimentary, (the garlic vinegar and hot sauce are two I look for each year) but there will be garlic flavored food items for you to purchase. Including, but not limited too, garlic flavored ice cream and garlic taffy. If you have ever thought that it could have garlic in it, or made with it, it will be at this place.

4. After reading #3, you will know this to be true. Your breath will stink. Bring breathmints for afterward.

5. Wear comfortable shoes. There are LOTS of vendors there and if they are in the "field" the ground is a bit uneven. Flat, comfortable shoes are best.

6. Be prepared for all kinds of weather, as this is a rain or shine event. I have been there when there hasn't been a cloud in the sky, I have also been there when it has poured for about 10 minutes and everyone grabs their umbrellas and keeps going. I now being a rain poncho so I can keep up with all the diehards!

7. Relax and have fun. Keep in mind this is something that you will remember forever that you went too and is one of the largest Garlic Festivals on the East Coast.

See you there! Brandi