An inn in Hudson has made national news with their strong policy to fight bad Yelp reviews.

Yelp reviews can make or break your business in a lot of ways. I mean, word-of-mouth is the most valuable form of advertising, and bad word-of-mouth being spread to a wide audience isn't going to do you any favors.

So how do you combat it?

If you're the Union Street Guest House in Hudson, NY, the answer is simple: charge people who write bad reviews online a $500 fee!

Now, according to the owner, the fine has never been levied and that it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek joke.

Taking a look at their Yelp page at the moment shows that this policy did nothing but get them bad reviews, mostly from people who haven't stayed there teeing off on their policy. But uh... all press is good press (maybe)?