The beautiful Hudson River Valley, we love our Hudson Valley, but let's face it, some of the town names are hard to say.  The way they are spelled vs the way you pronounce them is quite different.

For instance, take a town like Cario in Greene County.  It's not the pronounced like the city in Egypt.  Try to say, Wawayanda in Orange County.

We thought it would be fun, to send a list of Hudson Valley Towns to some radio friends in another market and ask them to pronounce them.  Our first trip takes us to central  New York State to Townsquare Utica.  The people were asked to read these town names, no explanation was given.  We tell them at the end these are town in New York State.  Wait for the surprise at the end, one guy know exactly where these names came from.

What our video, see if they get any names right.