Officials say a Hudson Valley pharmacist earned $6 million during an illegal prescription scheme.

Wednesday morning, the DEA raided the Montelbello home of 82-year-old Maurice Malin. The Rockland County pharmacist was arrested without incident and charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

Raids were also conducted at three pharmacies Malin runs in the Bronx. ABC reports DEA agents brought out computers and boxes of evidence.

Malin’s arrest follows a two year investigation into sales of the pain medication Butalbitol. He’s accused of using a website to get doctors from all over the country to write prescriptions for patients.

The doctors writing the prescriptions never saw or gave an exam to any patient. The prescriptions were filled out at Malin’s pharmacies and were mailed all over the United States.

The DEA believes Malin was mailing out about 600 prescriptions a day for at least the last year.

Officials estimate that since 2014 Malin made over $6 million.